vaginal rejuvenation


Minimally Invasive and Non-excisional Alternative to Labiaplasty.

Dr. Jukes is the first in Central Texas to offer AVIVA powered by Accutite–a non-surgical alternative for labial reduction and addressing other vulva and vaginal introital concerns.

It employs internal radiofrequency thermal energy via a needle size introducer (small incisions=minimally invasive and little downtime) under a combination of injectable anesthesia and oral pain relief to obtain dramatic tightening/lifting/retraction of vulva tissue and around the vaginal opening.

It is customized to each patient’s needs. It is performed in the office as a one-time procedure and can be combined with Morpheus 8 (radiofrequency enhanced microneedling) to improve the texture of the skin and enhance results. It can also be combined series of Votiva treatments which is external radiofrequency thermal energy introduced vaginally and externally–performed at the time of the third Votiva.

In some markets, AVIVA goes by the name FEMTITE.



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